Meet the Owner

Jenny Xu has been a NYS licensed esthetician since  2000. Her main esthetic work is devoted to using exclusively natural means and organic products for facial rejuvenation. Some techniques she learned in her native China from her grandfather,  a highly advanced acupuncturist. Others she developed after arriving in the United States and recognizing a need to offer an effective alternative to quicker fixes such as  botox, injections, fillers, the array of plastic surgery interventions and their often artificial effects.

Jenny’s expertise includes many modalities outside the realm of typical facial treatment: Gua Sha, facial cupping, facial acupressure, and facial reading to name a few. She also utilizes radio-frequency, micro- current, LED lights, oxygen as well as other state of the art rejuvenation modalities.

Her goal is to enhance facial appearance by increasing muscle tone, circulation, energy and chi flow, collagen formation and overall vitality. Whether the concern is facial lines, spots, wrinkles, sagging skin or neck, dullness, darkness, acne, or loss of youthful appearance for any combination of reasons, it is highly likely that Jenny’s approaches, will result in improvements that surpass much more highly publicized and expensive facial studios and spas. Her many Yelp reviews attest to her effectiveness.  But your personal experience will probably be even more validating.