Facial Rejuvenation

  1. Xu Holistic Facial:
    Specifically formulated according to skin condition and type  includes mild exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, and herbal preparations. An essential basic treatment for restoration of facial vitality.   60 minutes/ $150
  2. Xu Holistic Facial with Gua SHa cupping and Acupressure Massage:
    (includes lymph circulation and drainage). This facial includes facial acupressure to unblock chi and energy flows, and Gua Sha and facial cupping to strengthen chi and energy channels, tonify the facial muscles and skin, and drain facial toxins. Skin blemishes, age and dark spots, and wrinkles are progressively diminished and eliminated.  60 minutes/ $165
  3. Xu Elite Rejuvenation Holistic Facial:
    This facial is also specific to skin type. Asian techniques such as Gue Sha and facial cupping may be applied. Radio-frequency, Microcurrent, therapeutic light and color therapy  may also be used. It will produce natural and immediate facial enhancement in tone, glow, wrinkle reduction and contour. As part of a regular program these enhancements will become increasingly and significantly marked and enduring, 90 minutes . $280
  4. Xu Rejuvenation Facial:
    This facial employs all the techniques of the Elite Rejuvenation Holistic Facial except Microcurrent and therapeutic light and color therapy . It similarly will markedly improve radiance, tone, wrinkles, and contour. 75 minutes. $225
  5. Xu Micro- dermabrasion Facial:
    In addition to microdermabrasion and extraction, this facial includes acupressure for energy and chi revitalization. 60minutes , $165
  6. Xu Holistic Jawline Facial:
    In addition to the holistic facial,  uses a combination facial cupping, and radio-frequency to recontour the jaw line and provide a marked reduction and progressive elimination of facial slackening. Before resorting to surgical or more invasive medical techniques, this facial,  particularly as part of a regular program,  has been repeatedly successful in achieving aesthetically substantial improvements in facial contouring. It is also a definite and great protection against any future facial slackening. 75 minutes/$250
  7. Xu Holistic Anti-Acne Facial:
    An essential basic treatment to deep pore cleanse using healing herbs at the same time reestablishing balanced facial energy circulation. Within several treatments, the potentially upsetting and embarrassing effects of troublesome acne, rosacea and other irritated skin conditions will be markedly minimized and fade as a significant self concern. 60 minutes/ $165
  8. Body Cellulite Reduction and Elimination treatment using  Radiofrequency, Cupping  and  Gua Sha:
    The combination of Radio-frequency, Cupping and Gua Sha naturally and synergistically stimulates collagen formation, enhances skin circulation, emulsify fat deposits as they detoxify, in the process producing over time visually striking improvements in previously distressing cellulite formations resistant to more traditional Western approaches. 60 minutes/ $225